COVID-19 Recommendations

Recommendations of Rector of the Witelon State University of Applied Sciences in Legnica, as of 13th October 2021 on safe University functioning in the epidemic, in the academic year 2021/2022, created basing on Wytyczne bezpiecznego funkcjonowania uczelni i innych podmiotów systemu szkolnictwa wyższego i nauki w okresie epidemii (Guidelines on safe functioning of universities and other education subjects in the epidemic) published by the Minister of Education

1.    The guidelines and recommendations on safe practices during the Coronavirus epidemic, created by Chief Sanitary Inspector are valid
       on the University premises. The following rules shall be introduced:
       a)    keeping safe distance from other individuals, even if they not seem to be infected,
       b)    washing hands frequently,
       c)    avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth areas,
       d)    introducing health protection measures during sneezing and coughing,
       e)    trying to stay in open areas or well-ventilated premises, if possible, and open windows,
       f)    while welcoming friends or guests, avoid shaking hands and giving hugs.
2.    The University advises all its workers and students to vaccinate themselves, unless they have any medical contraindications.
3.    Classes take place stationary or remotely (online), according to the schedule approved for particular field of study.
4.    Should some classes take place remotely (online), the application used to conduct and take part in them will be Google Workspace.
5.    The University provides all necessary trainings and ongoing support on functioning the aforementioned platform for students and
       lecturers. The Dean selects workers who are responsible for trainings and support.
6.    Zarządzenie nr 80/21 Rektora Państwowej Wyższej Szkoły Zawodowej im. Witelona
       w Legnicy z dnia 22 września 2021 r. w sprawie realizacji zajęć dydaktycznych  z wykorzystaniem metod i technik kształcenia na
       odległość is a valid document in terms of conducting classes remotely.
7.    Practical education within medical professions shall be organised in stationary form, involving contact with patients.
8.    Lecturers teaching in laboratories are obliged to follow the sanitary regime.
9.    Students are advised to wear masks during all stationary classes.
10.  Entering the University premises for people having disease symptoms (fever, difficulty with breathing, runny nose, cough, muscle pain)
       is strictly forbidden.
11.  In case of being absent during the classes, Students should individually contact the lecturers and show absent note as well as set        
       dates for making up the materials.
12.  People staying on the University premises, especially in social areas (corridors, halls, toilets) as well as in offices (Dean’s Offices,   
       Faculty Offices) are obliged to wear masks and sanitise hands frequently.
13.  People who experience disease symptoms on the University premises should proceed to Isolation Room in building A, room 102.
14.  People with special needs, including disabled people, can obtain help in case of difficulties with remote (online) education. To receive
       such support, those students should report to the appropriate Dean’s Office or the Office for Disabled Persons Support.